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UglyBros Featherbed Pants Review

Credit Morgan Gales
After about two years, I figured it was time I got another pair of UglyBros. It definitely wasn't because my old Motorpools weren't holding up, because I'm still rocking those 10.5oz pants on most hot days of riding and offroad excursions, no. This time it was simply because I loved wearing my other so much, I wanted a pair that was a little more casual and a little thicker, and the Featherbed were perfect.
UglyBros Featherbed

Weighing in with 12oz canvas construction, the Featherbeds are a substantial pant. Not super heavy, "selvedge denim," feeling or anything like that, but enough to feel sturdy. There is a bit of stretch to the fabric used, but also elastic sections above the knees the butt to remove squeezing and tension points that result from, the seated riding position. This is a huge factor for me and something that helps me stay in the saddle much longer, as I noticed with other thicker pants I would start to lose circulation in the knees or get a squeeze around the waist after sitting for too long. The elastic section alleviate this and make for a very comfortable pair of pants.

The featherbeds are designed with a double-layer over the knee to allow you to slip your impact protection in without needing to remove the pants completely to do so like you do on so many other pairs. They also come with his protection pockets and impact padding to fill them with, though I think this looks a little too obvious and is uncomfortable so I usually take those ones out. They're also not as easy to take out or put back in as the knees, so I shamelessly opt in favor of comfort and convenience on that one.

d30 padding

I usually replace my armor with D3O, just as a personal preference


The comfort and protection are huge factors with these pants, and the reason we have been riding in them just about every day since they showed up. You can look back at the Indian Scout Bobber Review and the Arai DT-X Review from the last couple weeks and see these really haven't left my kit. Yes, they're expensive but like I said, my first pair has lasted me two years of great riding and this pair is made of thicker material. I haven't found any real shortcomings with either of the UglyBros I've had other than the price, but you know what they say: buy once, cry once.

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