Banditos ride in the wild

Banditos Chopok Cityrider Roadtrip


Statistics: 12 people, 650 kilometers, 5 dropped motorbikes, 1 non fatal fall, 3 scratched helmets, 3 new tattoos and a few monkeys.

How was it?  Simply SUPERB.........



But here's exactly what the biker community really is about.

We did not discover anything new, we went along well known roads, we stopped at typical restaurants, but many of you know that even such known roads meet a purpose and the rider enjoys it as much as possible. This trip was rather that spending time people and having fun. Our goal, #WellnesHotelChopok, we relaxed, replenished, subdued and planned further trips.

The way home we took a little different route. The route length was been reduced as much as possible, some of us had also split off, to be home earlier. But that did not hurt the good mood. A minor problem occurred with the #barbersk bike. The details are probably of no interest to you, so we will make it short: the expert committee composed of Dave, Tomson and Ľuboš, of course with the help of others, solved it and we could rejoice that we could not only ride bikes but also repair them in the event of an emergency.

We arrived home with smiles all round. So we took a final pic, thanked each other and shook hands. Life goes on and we are all looking forward to another ride together.


PS: If you want to hear the BANDITO theme song for the trip click here

Article / Photo Credit: Marek Andreansky @cityrider #marekcityrider

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