Better Shave Cream 175mL
Monsieur Barbier

Better Shave Cream 175mL

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Find the pleasure of shaving by swapping your foam for a shaving cream. 

Go for a super-smooth, smooth and precise shave with your Better-Shave Concentrated Shaving Cream, which can be applied to both hand and badger. Arnica and ginger prevent any irritation, and the cypress eliminates excess sebum, to make your shave a full face care.

Its exclusive formula enriched with arnica and ginger prevents irritation, cypress eliminates excess sebum to make your shave a care in itself. 

92% natural ingredients, everything else from advanced research in active dermatology. Paraben free, phenoxyethanol, silicone and no animal derivatives. Cruelty-free: One Voice Certified.

Made in the EU

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