MotoBailey LaRyder Kevlar Lined Motorcycle Boots Tan


  • €250,00

World's 1st Patented Kevlar Moto Boots.
Ride to work... dinner... the bar.
The best looking, workplace & bar friendly, and female attracting motorcycle boots in the world. World's 1st Kevlar lined motorcycle boot. As worn by @thesuitedracer
Stop destroying decent pairs of boots that are not built to handle motorcycle abuse. MotoBailey Boots offer all the style and comfort of a high quality shoe/boot, but incorporate Kevlar lining, a reinforced shift pad and a high grip sole.
  • Kevlar lining throughout entire shoe
  • Modern Style design with HIGH Comfort insoles
  • Built to sit just above the ankle yet look lower to the eye
  • Handbuilt with imported French leather
  • Built-in PU ankle protection

These boots run 1/2 size smaller than your Nike running shoe. So order .5 size larger than you normally wear. They are marked in US size

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