Whilst it’s fair to say that the principle role of motorcycle helmets is to offer the rider protection, that doesn’t mean to say they can’t look awesome and that’s definitely something that is in the mindset of Hedon with their extraordinarily cool line up of luxury motorcycle helmets. UK brand Hedon is derived from the word Hedonism: the relentless search for pleasure. It is their goal to provide the best experience on everybody’s journey on two wheels.

Formed back in 2011 by Lindsay Chong and Reginald Flint, who have extensive experience in design and helmet crafting, Hedon have rapidly become the go-to brand for those who demand aesthetic superiority from their motorcycling apparel. Having grown weary of the conventional style witnessed in the arena of motorcycle helmets, the pair set out on a mission to rethink the urban rider’s protective headgear and the end result is the devilishly dapper helmets you see before you.

Refined Design

There is a wonderfully cool, vintage and refined look and feel to the Hedon Luxury Motorcycle Helmets and if that’s the sort of vibe you go for when riding, this is the brand for you because they’ve got an extensive range from which to choose. Billed as a necessary accessory for the discerning rider, these fantastic helmets look the part, of course, but they also offer the essential protection that any motorcyclist needs when hitting the open road.

Hedon Luxury Motorcycle Helmets achieve their striking visual impact because of the founder’s eye for raw beauty and originality in design. Each Hedon helmet boasts it’s own unique signature marked in their definitive style and distinctive materials which are used to craft them. These stunning motorcycling accessories have a heady blend of the old and the new, and are deftly forged using traditional craftsmanship along with modern technology to ensure both exceptional form and function.

With many different style of motorcycle helmets to choose from with Hedon – including the particularly striking Heroine, Epicurist and Cortex Collections – you’ll not be short of options when it comes to finding the perfect one for your own particular sense of style. The majority of the luxury motorcycle helmets from Hedon are made from a composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre and this delivers first class protection for your riding adventures. Other excellent materials used in the construction include Merlin anti-bacterial fabric on the inside and natural calf leather trim and lining with striking brass hardware that immediately draws the eye.

Create Your Own Customisation

Another excellent feature of the Hedon Luxury Motorbike Helmets is the fact you can use their online custom creator to really make the perfect one for you. It provides you with plenty of colour options, material choices and different leather trim for you to pick from and make the helmet that tallies best with your tastes. If, however, making your own isn’t for you, you’ll be bowled over with the sheer wealth of options available amongst Hedon’s different eye-catching creations.

With prices ranging from around £200 to £800, there is a helmet to suit every budget from Hedon and, it’s safe to say, you’re simply not going to find any cooler looking ones than this anywhere else out there. We’re massive fans of the vintage style aesthetic of the Hedon Helmets and if that’s the sort of look you go for whilst riding, then head on over to their site now and bag one of your own.




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